Swift writing

What is Swift Writing course?

  • IIH is providing another course for students to improve their writing speed and quality of writing. These speeding techniques will help to improve students to finish their writing task fastly.
  • Swift writing course helps students to picking the timings in exam hall and quality of writing helps the students to secure marks.
  • Here we train the students and professionals on how to write speedily and how to maintain the quality of writing from first page till last page.
  • (Duration: 10 Hours 5 sessions)

Benefits of Swift Writing

  • To write speedly in the competitive examinations especially for KAS, IAS,TOFLE,CET Tests.
  • To write speedly in the classrooms to match the speed of the teachers.
  • To write speedly in the tests and examinations.
  • Parallely this course helps to manage the quality of writing from the first page to the last page.
  • The students can save their extra time to their other activities without ease.

Swift Writing Applications

  • School students
  • College students
  • Content writers
  • Doctors
  • Reporters