What is Handwriting course ?

  • In IIH we train our students the correct sitting posture, gripping of the pen as well as the correct positioning of the book to write comfortably and for formation of good writing.
  • Also the student will be taught the function of alphabets based on graphology joining the alphabets for beautiful writing.
  • This also includes formation of words with small alphabets, formation of capital alphabets, also how to join capital and small alphabets using words. It also includes in improving in spelling and grammar.
  • (Duration: 20 Hours 10 sessions)

Handwriting Improvement Course From Graphology

We are training the students and professionals how to improve their handwriting based on graphology. Graphology is a study of handwriting which characterises the persons through their handwriting samples.as well as the characters of the individuals. We have extracted the concepts of graphology and designed the handwriting course so that any of the persons who undergoes this training, will be benifited with good handwriting plus enhancing all the positive personality traits and suppressing the negative personality traits in them.

For example : Improvement of concentration, creative skills, productivity, thinking patterns, building up of confidence, setting goals and much more. On the other side all the negative personality traits like deceptiveness, anger, anxiety , depression , clannishness and much more will be controlled.

Totally by learning only this single course , one can have 3 advantages by changing their handwriting and parallely improving on positive traits and suppressing negative traits.