About us

About us

In Indian Institute of Handwriting the students will be trained the handwriting with the unique way with the complete meaning of grapho traits.The students will be getting the awarness for what they are trained in the particular grapho style writing.

The faculties of IIH are well equiped, trained from IIH and capable of handling individual students to large number of students. All students are certified by the succesfull completion of the course as well the parents and the teachers are satisfied and happy.


We aspire to be a champion by gaining trust of parents and children and to be known as a name that provides a steady flow of innovative educational courses and services..


To be the leading and trustworthy service providers in the education industry by delivering quality services. To be known for its efficiency by managing innovative product flow along with excellence.


To develop the competitive abilities in children to make them confident for facing future challenges.

Satisfying our customers by providing quality services.

Delivering affordable services to reach all segments of society.

Increase our market penetration and customer reach by leaps and bounds.

Provide more business opportunities to franchises by doing research and development of educational projects and programs.

Have a result-oriented approach through a variety of beneficial activities